Vuo  0.3
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCnodeInstanceDataStateful nodes may define a custom structure called nodeInstanceData, to store the state of a single node instance
oCVuoBaseThis class is intended to be inherited by a base class that can have compiler and/or renderer detail classes
oCVuoBaseDetailThis class is intended to be inherited by a detail class attached to a base class
oCVuoCableRepresents a connection from a node's output port to a node's input port
oCVuoCompilerA compiler/linker for node classes and graphs
oCVuoCompilerBitcodeParserA parser to extract code elements from an LLVM module
oCVuoCompilerCableRepresents a connection from a node's output port to a node's input port
oCVuoCompilerChainA linear sequence of nodes along which a push may be conducted
oCVuoCompilerCodeGenUtilitiesHandy methods for generating code
oCVuoCompilerDataThe data for a data-and-event port
oCVuoCompilerDataClassThe data type for a data-and-event port
oCVuoCompilerDebugMethods for compile-time debugging and for generating code for run-time debugging
oCVuoCompilerEdgeThis class represents one or more cables connecting a pair of nodes (or one node in a feedback loop)
oCVuoCompilerEventPortA conductor port, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerEventPortClassA conductor port type, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerGeneratorActionThe callback that executes when a generator port on a node generates an event
oCVuoCompilerGeneratorEdgeThis class represents one or more cables connecting one node's generator port to another (or the same) node's input ports
oCVuoCompilerGeneratorPortA generator output port
oCVuoCompilerGeneratorPortClassA generator output port type
oCVuoCompilerGraphGenerates code for a graph
oCVuoCompilerGraphvizParserParses nodes and edges from a .vuo composition file
oCVuoCompilerInputDataThe data for a data-and-event input port
oCVuoCompilerInputDataClassThe data type for a data-and-event input port
oCVuoCompilerInputEventPortA conductor input port, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerInputEventPortClassA conductor input port type, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerInstanceDataThe instance data for a node
oCVuoCompilerInstanceDataClassA type of node instance data
oCVuoCompilerLeafProvides a semaphore for waiting on a leaf node
oCVuoCompilerModuleA node class or type defined in an LLVM module
oCVuoCompilerNodeThe compiler detail class for VuoNode
oCVuoCompilerNodeArgumentAn argument to a node's event and/or init function
oCVuoCompilerNodeArgumentClassA parameter to a node's event and/or init function
oCVuoCompilerNodeClassThe compiler detail class for VuoNodeClass
oCVuoCompilerOutputDataThe data for a data-and-event output port
oCVuoCompilerOutputDataClassThe data type for a data-and-event output port
oCVuoCompilerOutputEventPortA conductor output port, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerOutputEventPortClassA conductor output port type, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerPassiveEdgeThis class represents one or more cables connecting one node's output ports to another (or the same) node's input ports
oCVuoCompilerPortA port
oCVuoCompilerPortClassA port type
oCVuoCompilerPublishedInputPortA published input port
oCVuoCompilerPublishedOutputPortA published output port
oCVuoCompilerPublishedPortThe compiler detail class for VuoPublishedPort
oCVuoCompilerTypeThe compiler detail class for VuoType
oCVuoDataEditorInterface for data editors
oCVuoDataEditori32Data editor for i32 (32-bit integer) values
oCVuoDataEditorManagerThis class keeps track of implementations of the VuoDataEditor interface
oCVuoDataEditorStringData editor for string values
oCVuoEditorThe Vuo Editor's QApplication subclass
oCVuoEditorGraphHandles drags-and-drops and performs node instantiation for the editor window
oCVuoEditorWindowRepresents a window for editing a Vuo Composition
oCVuoFileUtilitiesFunctions for dealing with files
oCVuoGlTextureA GL texture object
oCVuoModuleA modular component (i.e., node class or type) that is an add-on to the core Vuo framework
oCVuoNodeThis class represents an instance of a VuoNodeClass
oCVuoNodeClassThis base class represents the metadata and implementation of one node class — i.e., for each node implementation file, there is one instance of VuoNodeClass
oCVuoNodeClassListA widget allowing node classes to be dragged out of it (and onto, e.g., a composition editor canvas)
oCVuoNodeLibraryA dockable window displaying the list of node classes that can be added to compositions
oCVuoPoint2dA floating-point 2-dimensional Cartesian spatial location
oCVuoPoint3dA floating-point 3-dimensional Cartesian spatial location
oCVuoPoint4dA floating-point 4-dimensional point
oCVuoPortA port instance on a VuoNode instance
oCVuoPortClassA port type on a VuoNodeClass
oCVuoPublishedPortThis class represents a published port in a graph
oCVuoRendererCableRenders a cable in a VuoRendererGraph
oCVuoRendererDrawerRepresents a node port's drawer
oCVuoRendererGraphProvides a canvas upon which nodes and cables can be rendered
oCVuoRendererItemSubclass of QGraphicsItem, which can show bounding rects for debugging
oCVuoRendererNodeRenders a node in a VuoRendererGraph
oCVuoRendererPortRenders a node's port in a QGraphicsScene
oCVuoRendererPortListA QGraphicsItemGroup containing only instances of VuoRendererPort
oCVuoRendererSignalerSends signals on behalf of VuoRenderer objects that don't inherit from QObject
oCVuoRendererTypecastPortRenders a typecast port
oCVuoRunnerThis class runs a graph and manages communication with a graph produced by VuoCompiler
oCVuoRunnerDelegateAn abstract class to be implemented by a client that will receive telemetry data from the graph
oCVuoRunnerDelegateAdapterA class provided for convenience when inheriting from VuoRunnerDelegate
oCVuoSceneObjectA renderable 3D Object
oCVuoSceneVerticesVertices representing a 3D object
oCVuoStringUtilitiesFunctions for dealing with strings
oCVuoTimeUtilitiesFunctions for measuring times at microsecond precision
\CVuoTypeThis base class represents the metadata of one type