Vuo  0.3
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oDeveloping Node Classes and Types for Vuo
|oWriting a Node Class
||oNode MetadataName, version, and behavior information to be defined by node classes
||oNode Instance DataNode instance data structure
||oNode ParametersParameter decorations to be used by node classes
||oNode Methods: StatelessEvent handler method to be implemented by node classes
||\Node Methods: StatefulSetup, event handler, and teardown methods to be implemented by stateful node classes
|oWriting a Type
|oManaging Memory
|oManaging Concurrency
|\Using Libraries
oDeveloping Applications that use Vuo
|oCompileAndRunInCurrentProcess.ccExample: Compile a composition and run it in the current process
|oCompileAndRunInNewProcess.ccExample: Compile a composition and run it in a new process
|oListPublishedPorts.ccExample: List a composition's published input and output ports
|oRunImageFilter (Cocoa)Example: Set up a GL context using Cocoa and run a Vuo image filter
|oRunImageFilter (GLFW)Example: Set up a GL context using GLFW and run a Vuo image filter
|\RunImageFilter (Qt)Example: Set up a GL context using Qt and run a Vuo image filter
\Built-in TypesTypes defined by Vuo Core, for use in both Vuo Graph Language and C code
 oVuoList_VuoIntegerA list of VuoInteger elements
 oVuoList_VuoPoint2dA list of VuoPoint2d elements
 oVuoList_VuoPoint3dA list of VuoPoint3d elements
 oVuoList_VuoPoint4dA list of VuoPoint4d elements
 oVuoList_VuoRealA list of VuoReal elements
 oVuoList_VuoSceneObjectA list of VuoSceneObject elements
 oVuoList_VuoSceneVerticesA list of VuoSceneVertices elements
 oVuoList_VuoStringA list of VuoString elements
 oVuoFileHandleA reference to file or pipe opened for reading or writing
 oVuoGlContextA framebuffer and state for GL rendering
 oVuoGlTextureA GL texture object
 oVuoIntegerA signed 64-bit integer
 oVuoPoint2dA floating-point 2-dimensional Cartesian spatial location
 oVuoPoint3dA floating-point 3-dimensional Cartesian spatial location
 oVuoPoint4dA floating-point 4-dimensional point
 oVuoRealA floating-point number
 oVuoSceneObjectA renderable 3D Object
 oVuoSceneVerticesVertices representing a 3D object
 \VuoStringA zero-terminated UTF-8 string