Vuo  0.4.1
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Built-in Types


Types defined by Vuo Core, for use in both Vuo Graph Language and C code.


 A list of VuoInteger elements.
 A list of VuoPoint2d elements.
 A list of VuoPoint3d elements.
 A list of VuoPoint4d elements.
 A list of VuoReal elements.
 A list of VuoSceneObject elements.
 A list of VuoSceneVertices elements.
 A list of VuoText elements.
 A Boolean.
 An enum defining different types of wrapping.
 An enum defining different types of noise.
 An image residing in GPU memory (GL Texture Object).
 A signed 64-bit integer.
 A floating-point 2-dimensional Cartesian spatial location.
 A floating-point 3-dimensional Cartesian spatial location.
 A floating-point 4-dimensional point.
 A floating-point number.
 A renderable 3D Object.
 Vertices representing a 3D object.
 A Unicode (UTF-8) text string.