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VuoCompilerInputData Class Reference


The data for a data-and-event input port.

Public Member Functions

 VuoCompilerInputData (VuoCompilerInputDataClass *dataClass)
 Creates a port data instance based on the specified dataClass.
void setInitialValue (string initialValueAsString)
 Sets the initial value of the port data.
string getInitialValue (void)
 Returns the string representation of the initial value of the port data.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from VuoCompilerData
 VuoCompilerData (VuoCompilerDataClass *dataClass)
 Creates an instance of data for a data-and-event port.
string getVariableBaseName (void)
 Distinguishes the variable for the data from the variable for the event in data-and-event ports.
- Protected Attributes inherited from VuoCompilerNodeArgument
GlobalVariable * variable
 The global variable in the generated code in which this argument is stored.

Member Function Documentation

void VuoCompilerInputData::setInitialValue ( string  initialValueAsString)

Sets the initial value of the port data.

This is the value it has from the time that the composition begins executing until the first time the port data is overwritten.

initialValueAsStringString representation of the initial value.

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