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VuoDataEditorCurveDomain Class Reference


Data editor for VuoCurveDomain values.

Public Member Functions

 VuoDataEditorCurveDomain ()
 Creates a VuoCurveDomain data editor.
virtual QString getType ()
 Returns the data type name.
virtual void setValue (QString selectedDomain)
 Initializes this data editor with the selected type of curve domain.
virtual QString getValue ()
 Returns a serialized copy of this data editor's value.
virtual QWidget * getWidget ()
 Returns the menu widget.

Protected Attributes

QMenu * menu
 The widget for choosing a type of curve domain.
QActionGroup * waveGroup
 The action group for each option in the menu.
map< QString, QAction * > options
 The map for the text and action for each option.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from VuoDataEditor
void acceptEdits (void)
 Dismisses the data editor and saves any edits made.
void cancelEdits (void)
 Dismisses the data editor and discards any edits made.

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