Vuo  0.4.2
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VuoDataEditorReal Class Reference


Data editor for VuoInteger values.

Public Member Functions

 VuoDataEditorReal ()
 Creates a VuoReal data editor.
virtual QString getType ()
 Returns the data type name.
virtual QString getValue ()
 Returns a serialized copy of this data editor's value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from VuoDataEditorText
 VuoDataEditorText ()
 Creates a VuoText data editor.
virtual void setValue (QString valueAsString)
 Initializes this data editor with the string valueAsString.
virtual QWidget * getWidget ()
 Returns a single-line text widget.
virtual void setTextAlignment (Qt::Alignment alignment)
 Sets the preferred text alignment.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from VuoDataEditor
void acceptEdits (void)
 Dismisses the data editor and saves any edits made.
void cancelEdits (void)
 Dismisses the data editor and discards any edits made.
- Protected Attributes inherited from VuoDataEditorText
QLineEdit * lineEdit
 The widget for editing a line of text.

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