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VuoStringUtilities Class Reference


Functions for dealing with strings.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool beginsWith (string wholeString, string beginning)
 Returns true if wholeString begins with beginning.
static bool endsWith (string wholeString, string ending)
 Returns true if wholeString ends with ending.
static string substrAfter (string wholeString, string beginning)
 Returns the substring of wholeString that follows beginning, or an empty string if wholeString does not begin with beginning.
static string replaceAll (string wholeString, char originalChar, char replacementChar)
 Returns a string constructed by replacing all instances of originalChar with replacementChar in wholeString.
static string transcodeToIdentifier (string str)
 Transforms a string into a valid identifier:

Member Function Documentation

string VuoStringUtilities::transcodeToIdentifier ( string  str)

Transforms a string into a valid identifier:

  • Replace whitespace and '.'s with '_'s
  • Make sure all characters match [A-Za-z0-9_]

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