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type.h File Reference


Prototypes for type implementations.

Replace MyType with the name of your type.


MyType MyType_valueFromJson (json_object *js)
 Creates a new MyType value by unserializing a JSON-C object.
json_object * MyType_jsonFromValue (const MyType value)
 Serializes a MyType value to a JSON-C object.
char * MyType_summaryFromValue (const MyType value)
 Returns a brief description of a value.
char * MyType_interprocessStringFromValue (const MyType value)


const char * moduleName
 Default display name.
const char * moduleDescription
 A succinct summary of this type's purpose.
const char * moduleKeywords []
 A list of synonyms for this type's name.
const char * moduleDependencies []
 A list of libraries or other modules this module depends upon.
const unsigned int moduleVersion
 Version, represented as an integer.