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VuoCompilerEdge Class Reference


This class represents one or more cables connecting a pair of nodes (or one node in a feedback loop).

Public Member Functions

VuoCompilerNodegetFromNode (void)
 Returns the node from which this edge is output.
VuoCompilerNodegetToNode (void)
 Returns the node to which this edge is input.
bool mayConductThroughNode (void)
 Returns true if an event coming into a node through this edge may ever be conducted to the node's output ports.

Protected Member Functions

 VuoCompilerEdge (VuoCompilerNode *fromNode, VuoCompilerNode *toNode)
 Creates an edge from fromNode to toNode.
virtual ~VuoCompilerEdge (void)
 to make this class dynamic_cast-able
void generateTransmissionThroughCable (Module *module, BasicBlock *block, Value *outputDataValue, VuoCompilerInputEventPort *inputEventPort)
 Generates code to transmit the data (if any) and an event from an output port to an input port.

Protected Attributes

 The node from which this edge is output.
 The node to which this edge is input.
set< pair< VuoCompilerPort
*, VuoCompilerInputEventPort * > > 
 One or more cables comprising this edge.

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