Vuo  0.4.8
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VuoRendererItem Class Reference


Subclass of QGraphicsItem, which can show bounding rects for debugging.

Public Types

enum  activityState { notTrackingActivity = -1, activityInProgress = 0 }
 Special composition component activity states.

Static Public Member Functions

static void setDrawBoundingRects (bool drawBoundingRects)
 Specifies whether bounding rects will be shown the next time the QGraphicsScene is rendered.
static void drawRect (QPainter *painter, QRectF rect)
 Draws a rect, for debugging.

Protected Member Functions

void drawBoundingRect (QPainter *painter)
 Draws this item's bounding rect, for debugging.
bool getRenderActivity ()
 Retrieves the composition-wide boolean indicating whether recent activity (e.g., a node execution or event firing) by this item should be reflected in its rendering.

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