Vuo  0.4.8
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VuoRendererSignaler Class Reference


Sends signals on behalf of VuoRenderer objects that don't inherit from QObject.


void nodesMoved (set< VuoRendererNode * > nodes, qreal dx, qreal dy, bool movedByDragging)
 Emitted when nodes have been moved.
void inputEditorRequested (VuoRendererPort *port)
 Emitted when the user has requested a input editor be presented.
void nodeTitleEditorRequested (VuoRendererNode *node)
 Emitted when the user has requested a node title editor be presented.
void inputPortCountAdjustmentRequested (VuoRendererNode *node, int inputPortCountDelta, bool requestedByDragging)
 Emitted when a node is to have its port count adjusted.
void dragStickinessDisableRequested (bool disable)
 Emitted when drag stickiness for the canvas is to be disabled or re-enabled.

Public Member Functions

 VuoRendererSignaler (void)
 Creates a signaler.
void signalNodesMoved (set< VuoRendererNode * > nodes, qreal dx, qreal dy, bool movedByDragging=false)
 Emits a nodesMoved signal.
void signalInputEditorRequested (VuoRendererPort *port)
 Emits a inputEditorRequested signal.
void signalNodeTitleEditorRequested (VuoRendererNode *node)
 Emits a nodeTitleEditorRequested signal.
void signalInputPortCountAdjustmentRequested (VuoRendererNode *node, int inputPortCountDelta, bool requestedByDragging)
 Emits a inputPortCountAdjustmentRequested signal.
void signalDisableDragStickiness (bool disable)
 Emits a dragStickinessDisabled signal.

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