Vuo  0.4.8
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Note: Developers cannot create input editors yet. We'll be finishing this up sometime during Vuo 0.5.x.

In the Vuo Editor, a user can edit the value of certain types of input ports by double-clicking on the port, then using the widget that pops up. For example, the user can double-click on a VuoText input port to pop up a text box, or a VuoBoolean input port to pop up a menu, or a VuoInteger input port to pop up a spin box or slider. If a port type doesn't already have a input editor, you can create one.

Getting started

The easiest way to begin a new type is with the Qt Creator wizard.

: Qt Creator wizard for custom input editors - Describe how to create a input editor project, how to build, how to install.


You create a input editor by implementing a Qt plugin C++ class that inherits from the VuoInputEditor class or one of its derived classes (VuoInputEditorWithMenu, VuoInputEditorWithDialog, VuoInputEditorWithLineEdit). See those classes for details.