Vuo  0.5.3
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VuoLeapPointableType.h File Reference


VuoLeapPointableType C type definition.


enum  VuoLeapPointableType { VuoLeapPointableType_Finger, VuoLeapPointableType_Tool }
 An enum defining different types of blend shaders. More...


VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_valueFromJson (json_object *js)
 Decodes the JSON object js, expected to contain a string, to create a new VuoLeapPointableType.
json_object * VuoLeapPointableType_jsonFromValue (const VuoLeapPointableType value)
 Encodes value as a JSON object.
char * VuoLeapPointableType_summaryFromValue (const VuoLeapPointableType value)
 Same as VuoLeapPointableType_stringFromValue()
VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_valueFromString (const char *str)
 Automatically generated function.
char * VuoLeapPointableType_stringFromValue (const VuoLeapPointableType value)
 Automatically generated function.