Vuo  0.5.6
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Developing an Input Editor

Note: Developers cannot create input editors yet. We'll be finishing this up sometime during Vuo 0.5.x.

In the Vuo Editor, a user can edit the value of certain types of input ports by double-clicking on the port's constant flag, then using the widget that pops up. This widget is called an input editor. For example, the user can double-click on a VuoText input port to pop up a text box, or a VuoBoolean input port to pop up a menu, or a VuoInteger input port to pop up a spin box or slider. If a port type doesn't already have a input editor, you can create one.

An input editor is a Qt plugin that implements the plugin interface defined by the VuoInputEditor class.

Quick start

Explain how to use the example Qt project (

Writing an input editor


The Vuo SDK provides several derived classes of VuoInputEditor that you can derive from to create your own input editors.

Building an input editor


Installing an input editor


Allowing a port to customize its input editor

Some input editors allow a port to specify how the input editor will be displayed. For example, the VuoInputEditorInteger input editor allows a VuoInteger port to specify a minimum value, maximum value, and step size for its slider widget. If either the minimum or maximum is unspecified, the VuoInputEditorInteger instead displays a spin box widget.

In the implementation of a node class, the VuoInputData macro's optional second argument is a JSON-formatted set of details about the port. These details are passed to the VuoInputEditor::show function's details argument. Your input editor can use these details in any way you want to control how the input editor will be displayed.

For example, VuoInputEditorInteger input editor uses JSON keys "suggestedMin", "suggestedMax", and "suggestedStep". A node class implementation can use those keys when defining a VuoInteger port, for example:

VuoInputData(VuoReal, {"default":0.0,"suggestedMin":0,"suggestedMax":1}) input