Vuo  0.6.0
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Todo List
Group DevelopingLibraryModules
Member sendError (const char *message)
remove VRAM check after
Member VuoCompilerBitcodeGenerator::generateBitcode (void)

Set module identifier (

These should only be generated for stateful compositions -

Member VuoCompilerCodeGenUtilities::generateSerialization (Module *module, BasicBlock *block, Value *valueToSerialize)
Handle other primitive types and structs (
Member VuoCompilerCodeGenUtilities::generateUnserialization (Module *module, BasicBlock *block, Value *stringToUnserialize, GlobalVariable *destination)
Handle other primitive types and structs (
Member VuoCompilerMakeListNodeClass::getOriginalGenericNodeSet (void)
somehow return the vuo.list node set
Member VuoCompilerModule::~VuoCompilerModule ()
Member VuoCompilerNode::generateFinalization (Module *module, BasicBlock *block, bool isInput)
release trigger port data
Member VuoFileUtilities::findAllFilesInDirectory (string dirPath, set< string > archiveExtensions=set< string >())
Search recursively -
Member VuoFileUtilities::makeTmpFile (string file, string extension, string directory="/tmp")
Keep file open and return file handle. (
Member VuoGlPool_use (VuoGlContext glContext, VuoGlPoolType type, unsigned long size) The returned buffer's storage ~~is~~ will be preallocated (so the caller can efficiently upload data using glBufferSubData),

remove VRAM check after

Member VuoGlTexturePool_use (VuoGlContext glContext, GLenum internalformat, unsigned short width, unsigned short height, GLenum format)
remove VRAM check after
Member VuoImageRenderer_make (VuoGlContext glContext)

Member VuoLayer
Ideally this should just be typedef VuoSceneObject VuoLayer, but
Member VuoLeapFrame::hands
VuoLeapTransform motion;
Member VuoLeapFrame_jsonFromValue (const VuoLeapFrame value)
serialize other values
Member VuoLeapFrame_valueFromJson (json_object *js)
unserialize other values
Class VuoMenu
Revert once Qt fixes this bug.
Member VuoMidiController::blah [42]
Member VuoMidiIn_make (VuoMidiDevice md)

Member VuoMidiNote::blah [42]
Member VuoMidiOut_make (VuoMidiDevice md)

Member VuoMovie_free (void *movie)
Close movie file and free memory. (
Member VuoNodeClass::isTypecastNodeClass (void)
Temporary workaround. Instead use VuoNode::isCollapsed() elsewhere. (
Member VuoNSRunLoop_use (void)
event tracking run loop mode (
Member VuoRendererNode::VuoRendererNode (VuoNode *baseNode, VuoRendererSignaler *signaler)
support subcompositions -
Member VuoRendererPort::canConnectDirectlyWithSpecializationTo (VuoRendererPort *toPort, VuoRendererPort **portToSpecialize, string &specializedTypeName)
Member VuoRendererPort::getConstantAsStringToRender (void) const
Implement with input viewers (
Member VuoRendererPort::getPublishedPort () const

Is there a way to avoid accessing the VuoRendererComposition like this?

Handle an output port connected to multiple published output ports.

Member VuoRendererPort::paintWithOptions (QPainter *painter, bool sidebarPaintMode)
Implement with input viewers (
Member VuoRendererPublishedPort::isCompatibleAliasForInternalPort (VuoRendererPort *port)
Member VuoSceneObject_findCamera (VuoSceneObject so, VuoText nameToMatch, bool *foundCamera)
apply hierarchical transformations
Member VuoSceneRenderer_uploadSceneObject (VuoSceneObject so, VuoSceneRendererInternal_object *soi, VuoGlContext glContext)

Member VuoShader_addTexture (VuoShader shader, VuoGlContext glContext, const char *uniformIdentifier, VuoImage texture)
instead of querying this every time an image is added, query once when the shader is compiled, and store it in a dictionary in VuoShader.
Member VuoSyphon_filterServerDescriptions (VuoList_VuoSyphonServerDescription allDescriptions, VuoSyphonServerDescription partialDescription)
Handle UTF8 names (add VuoText function).
Member vuoTelemetrySend (enum VuoTelemetry type, zmq_msg_t *messages, unsigned int messageCount)
Member VuoText_getIndexOfLastCharacter (const VuoText string, const VuoText character)
handle unicode
Member VuoText_summaryFromValue (const VuoText value)
handle unicode
Member VuoUrl_get (const char *url, void **data, unsigned int *dataLength)
Better error handling per
Member VuoVertices::positions
Change to VuoDictionary_VuoPoint4D vertexAttributes; once dictionaries exist: a string-keyed list of equal-size arrays of points (vertex attributes). Typically contains at least 'positions', 'normals', and 'textureCoordinates'.
Member VuoVertices_jsonFromValue (const VuoVertices value)
create an interprocess-serializer with the commented-out function calls
Member VuoVertices_summaryFromValue (const VuoVertices value)
Report if value.elementCount isn't a multiple of 3.