Vuo  1.2.0
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VuoArtNetInputDevice.c File Reference


VuoArtNetInputDevice implementation.


VuoArtNetInputDevice VuoArtNetInputDevice_makeFromJson (json_object *js)
 Decodes the JSON object js to create a new value.
json_objectVuoArtNetInputDevice_getJson (const VuoArtNetInputDevice value)
 Encodes value as a JSON object.
char * VuoArtNetInputDevice_getSummary (const VuoArtNetInputDevice value)
 Returns a compact string representation of value.
VuoArtNetInputDevice VuoArtNetInputDevice_make (const VuoInteger net, const VuoInteger subNet, const VuoInteger universe)
 Creates a new Art-Net device description from an address.
bool VuoArtNetInputDevice_areEqual (const VuoArtNetInputDevice value1, const VuoArtNetInputDevice value2)
 Returns true if the two input devices are equivalent:
bool VuoArtNetInputDevice_isLessThan (const VuoArtNetInputDevice a, const VuoArtNetInputDevice b)
 Returns true if value1 < value2.
bool VuoArtNetAddress_areEqual (const VuoArtNetAddress value1, const VuoArtNetAddress value2)
 Returns true if the two addresses are identical.
bool VuoArtNetAddress_isLessThan (const VuoArtNetAddress value1, const VuoArtNetAddress value2)
 Returns true if value1 < value2.