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VuoFfmpegUtility.h File Reference


VuoFfmpegUtility interface.


namespace  VuoFfmpegUtility
 Helper methods for working with ffmpeg.


static double VuoFfmpegUtility::AvTimeToSecond (AVStream *stream, int64_t pts)
 Converts AVStream presentation timestamp to fractional seconds.
static int64_t VuoFfmpegUtility::AvTimeToMicrosecond (AVStream *stream, int64_t pts)
 Converts AVStream presentation timestamp to integer microseconds.
static int64_t VuoFfmpegUtility::SecondToAvTime (AVStream *stream, double second)
 Converts seconds to microseconds.
static int VuoFfmpegUtility::FirstStreamIndexWithMediaType (AVFormatContext *context, AVMediaType type)
 Return the index of the first stream matching the media type.
static void VuoFfmpegUtility::FlipImageBytesVertical (uint8_t *buffer, uint width, uint height)
 Flip an image vertically.
static bool VuoFfmpegUtility::ConvertAVPictureToRGB (AVPicture *dst, PixelFormat dst_pix_fmt, AVPicture *src, PixelFormat pix_fmt, int width, int height)
 Convert an AVPicture from whatever format it was originally in to RGB.
static VuoImage VuoFfmpegUtility::VuoImageWithAVFrame (AVCodecContext *videoCodecCtx, AVFrame *frame)
 Convert an AVFrame to a VuoImage.
static char * VuoFfmpegUtility::AVCodecIDToString (AVCodecID id)
 Return a human-readable string for a codec.


const double VuoFfmpegUtility::USEC_TO_SECOND = .000001
 Multiply by this to convert microsecond to seconds.
const double VuoFfmpegUtility::SEC_TO_USEC = 1000000
 Multiply a second by this value to convert to microsecond.