Vuo  1.2.0
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VuoImageBlur.c File Reference


VuoImageBlur implementation.


struct  VuoImageBlur_internal
 State data for the image blurrer. More...


void VuoImageBlur_free (void *blur)
 Frees image blender state data.
VuoImageBlur VuoImageBlur_make (void)
 Creates state data for the image blurrer.
VuoImage VuoImageBlur_blur (VuoImageBlur blur, VuoImage image, VuoReal radius, VuoBoolean expandBounds)
 Returns a blurred copy of image.

Class Documentation

struct VuoImageBlur_internal
Class Members
VuoGlContext context
VuoShader horizontalPassShader
VuoImageRenderer imageRenderer
VuoShader verticalPassShader

Function Documentation

VuoImage VuoImageBlur_blur ( VuoImageBlur  blur,
VuoImage  image,
VuoReal  radius,
VuoBoolean  expandBounds 

Returns a blurred copy of image.

(Or, if radius is zero, returns image.)

If expandBounds is true, the output image will be expanded to encompass the full bleed of the blur. Otherwise, the output image will have the same dimensions as the soure image.

void VuoImageBlur_free ( void *  blur)

Frees image blender state data.

VuoImageBlur VuoImageBlur_make ( void  )

Creates state data for the image blurrer.