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VuoPoint3d.h File Reference


VuoPoint3d C type definition.


struct  VuoPoint3d
 A floating-point 3-dimensional Cartesian spatial location. More...
struct  VuoBox
 Defines a bounding box. More...


VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_makeFromJson (json_object *js)
 Decodes the JSON object js to create a new value.
struct json_objectVuoPoint3d_getJson (const VuoPoint3d value)
 Encodes value as a JSON object.
char * VuoPoint3d_getSummary (const VuoPoint3d value)
 Returns a compact string representation of value (comma-separated coordinates).
bool VuoPoint3d_areEqual (const VuoPoint3d value1, const VuoPoint3d value2)
 Returns true if the two points are equal (within tolerance).
VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_random (const VuoPoint3d minimum, const VuoPoint3d maximum)
 Returns a pseudorandom value where each component is between minimum and maximum.
VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_randomWithState (unsigned short state[3], const VuoPoint3d minimum, const VuoPoint3d maximum)
 Returns a pseudorandom value where each component is between minimum and maximum.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_make (float x, float y, float z) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns a point with the specified coordinates.
static VuoBox VuoBox_make (VuoPoint3d center, VuoPoint3d size) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns a box with the specified center and size.
static VuoBox VuoBox_makeWithPoints (float xmin, float xmax, float ymin, float ymax, float zmin, float zmax) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns an axis aligned bounding box with the specified min and max coordinates.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_crossProduct (VuoPoint3d u, VuoPoint3d v) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns the cross-product of u and v.
static float VuoPoint3d_dotProduct (VuoPoint3d u, VuoPoint3d v) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns the dot product of u, v.
static float VuoPoint3d_magnitude (VuoPoint3d a) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns the magnitude of the vector.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_normalize (VuoPoint3d a) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns the normalization of a.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_add (VuoPoint3d a, VuoPoint3d b) __attribute__((const ))
 a + b.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_subtract (VuoPoint3d a, VuoPoint3d b) __attribute__((const ))
 a - b.
static float VuoPoint3d_squaredMagnitude (VuoPoint3d a) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns the magnitude of the vector.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_divide (VuoPoint3d a, VuoPoint3d b) __attribute__((const ))
 Component-wise division.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_multiply (VuoPoint3d a, float b) __attribute__((const ))
 a * b
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_makeNonzero (VuoPoint3d a) __attribute__((const ))
 If any component of the value is zero or very close to zero, moves it further from zero (either 0.000001 or -0.000001).
static float VuoPoint3d_distance (VuoPoint3d a, VuoPoint3d b) __attribute__((const ))
 Distance between a and b.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_lerp (VuoPoint3d a, VuoPoint3d b, float t) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns a linearly interpolated value between a and b using time t.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_scale (VuoPoint3d a, VuoPoint3d b) __attribute__((const ))
 Returns component-wise multiplication of two VuoPoint3d vectors.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_spring (VuoReal timeSinceDrop, VuoPoint3d dropPosition, VuoPoint3d restingPosition, VuoReal period, VuoReal damping)
 Calculates a position along the path of an oscillating spring.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_clamp (VuoPoint3d point, VuoReal min, VuoReal max)
 Limits point to values between min and max, inclusive.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_bezier3 (VuoPoint3d p0, VuoPoint3d p1, VuoPoint3d p2, VuoPoint3d p3, VuoReal time)
 Calculates a position along a cubic bezier curve.
static VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_snap (VuoPoint3d a, VuoPoint3d center, VuoPoint3d snap)
 Snap value a to the nearest increment of value snap.
static VuoBox VuoBox_encapsulate (VuoBox a, VuoBox b)
 Grow the VuoBox to encapsulate b.
static VuoBoolean VuoBox_contains (VuoBox aabb, VuoPoint3d point)
 Check if a point is contained within a bounding box.
static VuoBoolean VuoBox_intersects (VuoBox a, VuoBox b)
 Check if two boxes interesect with one another.
VuoPoint3d VuoPoint3d_makeFromString (const char *str)
 Automatically generated function.
char * VuoPoint3d_getString (const VuoPoint3d value)
 Automatically generated function.
void VuoPoint3d_retain (VuoPoint3d value)
 Automatically generated function.
void VuoPoint3d_release (VuoPoint3d value)
 Automatically generated function.