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VuoUrl.h File Reference


VuoUrl C type definition.


typedef VuoText VuoUrl
 Uniform Resource Locator.


VuoUrl VuoUrl_makeFromJson (struct json_object *js)
 Decodes the JSON object js, expected to contain a UTF-8 string, to create a new value.
struct json_objectVuoUrl_getJson (const VuoUrl value)
 Encodes value as a JSON object.
char * VuoUrl_getSummary (const VuoUrl value)
 Creates a new UTF-8 C string from value, or, if it's more than 50 Unicode characters long, creates an aposiopesis.
bool VuoUrl_getParts (const VuoUrl url, VuoText *scheme, VuoText *user, VuoText *host, VuoInteger *port, VuoText *path, VuoText *query, VuoText *fragment)
 Attempts to parse url and outputs its parts.
bool VuoUrl_getFileParts (const VuoUrl url, VuoText *path, VuoText *folder, VuoText *filename, VuoText *extension)
 Attempts to parse url as a file:/// URL, and outputs its parts.
bool VuoUrl_areEqual (const VuoText a, const VuoText b)
 Returns true if a == b.
bool VuoUrl_isLessThan (const VuoText a, const VuoText b)
 Returns true if a < b.
bool VuoUrl_isRelativePath (const VuoUrl url)
 Returns a boolean indicating whether the provided url is a relative file path.
VuoUrl VuoUrl_normalize (const VuoText url, bool isSave)
 Resolves url (which could be an absolute URL, an absolute Unix file path, a relative Unix file path, or a user-relative Unix file path) into an absolute URL.
VuoText VuoUrl_getPosixPath (const VuoUrl url)
 If url uses the file:// scheme, returns the corresponding (URL-decoded) POSIX path.
VuoText VuoUrl_escapePosixPath (const VuoText posixPath)
 URL-escapes characters in path to make it a valid URL path.
bool VuoUrl_isBundle (const VuoUrl url)
 Returns true if the url refers to an OS X bundle folder.
VuoUrl VuoUrl_makeFromString (const char *str)
 Automatically generated function.
char * VuoUrl_getString (const VuoUrl value)
 Automatically generated function.
void VuoUrl_retain (VuoUrl value)
 Automatically generated function.
void VuoUrl_release (VuoUrl value)
 Automatically generated function.