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Todo List
Member [VuoMovieExporter ~VuoMovieExporter]
Replace with -finishWritingWithCompletionHandler: when we drop Mac OS 10.8 support.
Member [VuoWindowRecorder finish]
Replace with -finishWritingWithCompletionHandler: when we drop Mac OS 10.8 support.
Member convertAINodesToVuoSceneObjectsRecursively (const struct aiScene *scene, const struct aiNode *node, VuoShader *shaders, bool *shadersUsed, VuoSceneObject *sceneObject)

Can a single aiNode use multiple aiMaterials? If so, we need to split the aiNode into multiple VuoSceneObjects. For now, just use the first mesh's material.

handle other texture coordinate channels

Member currentEditor
make these non-global — how can we pass them through to changeFont and changeAttributes?
Group DevelopingLibraryModules
Member VuoAnchor::blah [42]
Member VuoApp_initNSApplication (void)
Have Vuo Editor activate the composition's process instead, using -[NSRunningApplication activateWithOptions:NSApplicationActivateAllWindows], so Vuo apps behave more like typical Mac apps when launched from, say, Finder or Terminal.
Member VuoAudio_make (unsigned int deviceId)
Member VuoAudio_receivedEvent (void *outputBuffer, void *inputBuffer, unsigned int nBufferFrames, double streamTime, RtAudioStreamStatus status, void *userData)

handle differing sample rates

Should we clamp here (or after all buffers for this channel have been summed), or does CoreAudio handle that for us?

Member VuoAudioFile_decodeChannels (VuoAudioFileInternal afi)
Member VuoAudioFile_make (VuoText url)

Member VuoAudioFrame::blah [42]
Member VuoAudioIn_getShared (VuoAudioInputDevice aid)
Member VuoAudioOut_getShared (VuoAudioOutputDevice aod)
Member VuoCompilerCodeGenUtilities::generateSerialization (Module *module, BasicBlock *block, Value *valueToSerialize, VuoCompilerConstantStringCache &constantStrings)
Handle other primitive types and structs (
Member VuoCompilerCodeGenUtilities::generateUnserialization (Module *module, BasicBlock *block, Value *stringToUnserialize, Value *destinationVariable, VuoCompilerConstantStringCache &constantStrings)
Handle other primitive types and structs (
Member VuoCompilerComposition::groupGenericPortsByType (bool useOriginalType) Handle published ports (node is NULL).
Member VuoCompilerGraph::getHash (VuoCompilerComposition *composition)
Check for change in to-port's event blocking (
Member VuoCompilerMakeListNodeClass::getOriginalGenericNodeSet (void)
somehow return the vuo.list node set
Member VuoCompilerPublishedInputNodeClass::createSpecializedNodeClassNameWithReplacement (string genericTypeName, string specializedTypeName)
Member VuoCompilerPublishedInputNodeClass::createUnspecializedNodeClassName (set< VuoPortClass * > portClassesToUnspecialize)
Member VuoCompilerPublishedInputNodeClass::getOriginalPortType (VuoPortClass *portClass)
Member VuoCompilerPublishedOutputNodeClass::createSpecializedNodeClassNameWithReplacement (string genericTypeName, string specializedTypeName)
Member VuoCompilerPublishedOutputNodeClass::createUnspecializedNodeClassName (set< VuoPortClass * > portClassesToUnspecialize)
Member VuoCompilerPublishedOutputNodeClass::getOriginalPortType (VuoPortClass *portClass)
Member VuoCompilerPublishedPort::getDetails (bool isInput)

Member VuoData::blah [42]
Member VuoDialogForInputEditor::VuoDialogForInputEditor (bool isDark, bool showArrow)
copied from VuoErrorPopover
Member VuoDictionary_VuoText_VuoReal::unused
Member VuoDragEvent::blah [42]
Member VuoFileFormat_isFileOfFormat (const char *path, const char **formats, size_t numFormats) : Determine the file type from its content.
Member VuoFileUtilities::makeTmpFile (string file, string extension, string directory="/tmp")
Keep file open and return file handle. (
Member VuoGlPool_use (VuoGlPoolType type, unsigned long size) The returned buffer's storage ~~is~~ will be preallocated (so the caller can efficiently upload data using glBufferSubData),

Member VuoGlShader_use (VuoGlContext glContext, GLenum type, const char *source)
prefix the following with VuoGlsl_
Member VuoGlTexturePool_use (VuoGlContext glContext, GLenum internalformat, unsigned short width, unsigned short height, GLenum format)

Better error handling per

Better error handling per

Member VuoImageBlend_blend (VuoImageBlend blend, VuoList_VuoImage images)
Could maybe improve performance by blending more than one image per iteration.
Member VuoImageRenderer_make (VuoGlContext glContext)

Member vuoInitInProcess (void *_ZMQContext, const char *controlURL, const char *telemetryURL, bool _isPaused, pid_t _runnerPid, int runnerPipe, bool continueIfRunnerDies, bool trialRestrictionsEnabled, void *_VuoCompositionFiniCallbackList)
When running multiple compositions in the same process, do we need separate pairs?
Member VuoInputEditorWithMenu::show (QPoint portLeftCenter, json_object *originalValue, json_object *details, map< QString, json_object * > portNamesAndValues)
Member VuoIoSurfacePool_use (VuoGlContext glContext, unsigned short pixelsWide, unsigned short pixelsHigh, GLuint *outputTexture)
kIOSurfaceIsGlobal is deprecated on 10.11; replace int32 lookup with IOSurfaceCreateXPCObject or something.
Member VuoLayer
Ideally this should just be typedef VuoSceneObject VuoLayer, but
Member VuoLeapFrame::hands
VuoLeapTransform motion;
Member VuoLeapFrame_getJson (const VuoLeapFrame value)
serialize other values
Member VuoLeapFrame_makeFromJson (json_object *js)
unserialize other values
Member VuoMathExpressionList::unused
Member VuoMesh_upload (VuoMesh mesh)
Member VuoMidiController::blah [42]
Member VuoMidiIn_make (VuoMidiInputDevice md)
Member VuoMidiInputDevice::blah [42]
Member VuoMidiNote::blah [42]
Member VuoMidiOut_make (VuoMidiOutputDevice md)
Member VuoMidiOutputDevice::blah [42]
Member VuoMidiPitchBend::blah [42]
Member VuoNodeClass::isTypecastNodeClass (void)
Temporary workaround. Instead use VuoNode::isCollapsed() elsewhere. (
Member VuoQtListener::mVideoInputDevices
Make this a singleton?
Member VuoRendererPort::canConnectDirectlyWithSpecializationTo (VuoRendererPort *toPort, bool eventOnlyConnection, VuoRendererPort **portToSpecialize, string &specializedTypeName)
Member VuoRendererPort::getConstantAsStringToRender (void) const
Implement with input viewers (
Member VuoRendererPort::paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *widget)
Implement with input viewers (
Member VuoSceneObject_copy (const VuoSceneObject object)
The shaders are not copied, so changes to the copy's shaders will affect both the original and the copy.
Member VuoSceneObject_get (VuoText sceneURL, VuoSceneObject *scene, bool center, bool fit, bool hasLeftHandedCoordinates)
load and blend multiple diffuse textures
Member VuoSceneRenderer_drawSceneObject (VuoSceneObject so, VuoSceneRendererInternal_object *soi, float projectionMatrix[16], float modelviewMatrix[16], VuoSceneRendererInternal *sceneRenderer)
Member VuoShader_activate (VuoShader shader, const VuoMesh_ElementAssemblyMethod inputPrimitiveMode, VuoGlContext glContext, VuoGlProgram *outputProgram)
support multisampled framebuffers (like the color image case above)
Member VuoShader_getAttributeLocations (VuoShader shader, const VuoMesh_ElementAssemblyMethod inputPrimitiveMode, VuoGlContext glContext, int *positionLocation, int *normalLocation, int *tangentLocation, int *bitangentLocation, int *textureCoordinateLocation)
cache values for each program?
Member VuoSubmesh::positions
Change to VuoDictionary_VuoPoint4D vertexAttributes; once dictionaries exist: a string-keyed list of equal-size arrays of points (vertex attributes). Typically contains at least 'positions', 'normals', and 'textureCoordinates'.
Member VuoSubmesh_getSummary (const VuoSubmesh value)
Report if value.elementCount isn't a multiple of 3.
Member VuoSyphon_filterServerDescriptions (VuoList_VuoSyphonServerDescription allDescriptions, VuoSyphonServerDescription partialDescription)
Handle UTF8 names (add VuoText function).
Member vuoTelemetrySend (enum VuoTelemetry type, zmq_msg_t *messages, unsigned int messageCount)
Member VuoUrl_fetch (const char *url, void **data, unsigned int *dataLength)
Better error handling per
Member VuoVideoFrame::blah [42]
Member VuoVideoInputDevice::blah [42]