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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
oNVuoFfmpegUtilityHelper methods for working with ffmpeg
oC_VuoAudio_internalPrivate data for a VuoAudio instance
oC_VuoHid_internalPrivate data for a VuoHid instance
oC_VuoImageAn image residing in GPU memory (GL Texture Object), with an optional CPU copy
oC_VuoImageTextDataPlacement info about text when rendered to an image
oC_VuoLeapInternalInternal data for listening to a Leap controller
oC_VuoMeshA 3D mesh that contains one or more submeshes (allowing each submesh to have a different element assembly method)
oC_VuoOscMessageAn OSC message
oC_VuoOscOut_internalPrivate data for a VuoOscOut instance
oC_VuoSerial_internalPrivate data for a VuoSerial instance
oC_VuoShaderA graphics shader program, specifying how to render a 3D object
oC_VuoSmoothInertiaInstance data for smoothing a value using inertia
oCChainSortHelper for VuoCompilerBitcodeGenerator::makeOrderedNodes()
oCCIColor(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCModuleInfoData for loadModulesIntoCombinedEnvironment
oCNodeContextRuntime information about a node
oCNSArray(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCNSBitmapImageRep(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCNSColor(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCNSData(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCNSImage(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCNSNumber(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCNSScreen(VuoAdditions)Some convenience methods for fetching information about an NSScreen
oCNSString(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCNSValue(VuoRunnerCocoaConversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCOnDevicesChangedListenerA singleton class that listens for changes in available video input devices
oCPortContextRuntime information about a port
oCVuoAnchorCombination vertical + horizontal alignment
oCVuoApplicationAboutDialogThe About dialog for a Vuo app
oCVuoApplicationDelegateNSApplication delegate, to shut down cleanly when the user requests to quit
oCVuoArtNetAddressA set of values that specifiy a DMX512 universe
oCVuoArtNetInputDeviceInformation about an Art-Net input device
oCVuoArtNetOutputDeviceInformation about an Art-Net output device
oCVuoAudioFileInternalContext data for decoding an audio file
oCVuoAudioFrameA list of VuoAudioSamples (per-channel) and timestamp for one frame of audio
oCVuoAudioInputDeviceInformation about an audio input device
oCVuoAudioOutputDeviceInformation about an audio ouput device
oCVuoAudioSamplesA set of audio amplitudes for a single channel
oCVuoAvDecoderAvFoundation video decoder
oC<VuoAvTrackHapFrame>Allows us to call methods on HapDecoderFrame without linking to the framework at compile-time (to enable running on OS X 10.8 and 10.9)
oC<VuoAvTrackHapOutput>Allows us to call methods on AVPlayerItemHapDXTOutput without linking to the framework at compile-time (to enable running on OS X 10.8 and 10.9)
oCVuoAvTrackOutputDecodes Hap frames if present; otherwise returns the frames as-is
oCVuoAvWriterObject()Manages writing audio and video samples to a movie file
oCVuoBaseThis class is intended to be inherited by a base class that can have compiler and/or renderer detail classes
oCVuoBaseDetailThis class is intended to be inherited by a detail class attached to a base class
oCVuoBoxDefines a bounding box
oCVuoCableRepresents a connection from a node's output port to a node's input port
oCVuoColorA color, with component values specifying red, green, blue, and alpha (opacity)
oCVuoCompilerThis class compiles node classes, types, and library modules
oCVuoCompilerBitcodeGeneratorGenerates code for a composition
oCVuoCompilerBitcodeParserA parser to extract code elements from an LLVM module
oCVuoCompilerCableRepresents a connection from a node's output port to a node's input port
oCVuoCompilerChainA linear sequence of nodes along which an event may be transmitted
oCVuoCompilerCodeGenUtilitiesHandy methods for generating code
oCVuoCompilerCompositionA collection of nodes and the cables connecting them
oCVuoCompilerConstantStringCacheA cache of LLVM constant values generated for a module
oCVuoCompilerDataThe data for a data-and-event port
oCVuoCompilerDataClassThe data type for a data-and-event port
oCVuoCompilerDriverThis class represents a driver for a protocol
oCVuoCompilerErrorA description of an error that occurred while compiling a composition
oCVuoCompilerEventPortA passive (non-trigger) port, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerEventPortClassA passive (non-trigger) port type, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerExceptionAn exception containing a list of errors that occurred while compiling a composition
oCVuoCompilerGenericTypeThe compiler detail class for VuoGenericType
oCVuoCompilerGraphData structure used for performing graph analysis on a composition in order to compile it or check its validity
oCVuoCompilerGraphvizParserParses nodes and cables from a .vuo composition file
oCVuoCompilerInputDataThe data for a data-and-event input port
oCVuoCompilerInputDataClassThe data type for a data-and-event input port
oCVuoCompilerInputEventPortAn input port, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerInputEventPortClassAn input port type, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerInstanceDataThe instance data for a node
oCVuoCompilerInstanceDataClassA type of node instance data
oCVuoCompilerMakeListNodeClassA "Make List" node class
oCVuoCompilerModuleA node class or type defined in an LLVM module
oCVuoCompilerNodeThe compiler detail class for VuoNode
oCVuoCompilerNodeArgumentAn argument to a node's event and/or init function
oCVuoCompilerNodeArgumentClassA parameter to a node's event and/or init function
oCVuoCompilerNodeClassThe compiler detail class for VuoNodeClass
oCVuoCompilerOutputDataThe data for a data-and-event output port
oCVuoCompilerOutputDataClassThe data type for a data-and-event output port
oCVuoCompilerOutputEventPortA passive (non-trigger) output port, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerOutputEventPortClassA passive (non-trigger) output port type, optionally with data
oCVuoCompilerPortA port
oCVuoCompilerPortClassA port type
oCVuoCompilerPublishedInputNodeClassA node class used when generating code for a composition to represent published input ports
oCVuoCompilerPublishedOutputNodeClassA node class used when generating code for a composition to represent published output ports
oCVuoCompilerPublishedPortThe compiler detail class for VuoPublishedPort
oCVuoCompilerPublishedPortClassA published port type
oCVuoCompilerSpecializedNodeClassA specialization of a generic node class
oCVuoCompilerTargetSetStores a set of targets (operating system versions) and can be used to check compatibility
oCVuoCompilerTriggerDescriptionInformation about a trigger port inside a subcomposition that the subcomposition advertises to its containing composition
oCVuoCompilerTriggerPortA trigger output port
oCVuoCompilerTriggerPortClassA trigger output port type
oCVuoCompilerTypeThe compiler detail class for VuoType
oCVuoCompositionA collection of nodes and the cables connecting them
oCVuoCompositionDiffManages the diff between composition versions before and after a live-coding reload
oCVuoCompositionStateRuntime information about a composition or subcomposition
oCVuoCrashReport_infoTypeData to be inserted into OS X crash reports
oCVuoDataA blob of 8-bit binary data
oCVuoDialogForInputEditorA dialog that closes when the Enter key is pressed
oCVuoDictionary_VuoText_VuoRealA mapping from keys to values
oCVuoDisplayRefreshInternalContext data for VuoDisplayRefresh_displayLinkCallback
oCVuoDoubleSpinBoxA spin box where the buttons can have a different minimum and maximum than the line edit
oCVuoDragEventInformation about an in-progress or completed file drag
oCVuoDspObjectHolds instance data required by vDsp
oCVuoEdgeBlendApply a crop, fade and gamma curve to an edge
oCVuoFfmpegDecoderAn object for controlling and extracting information from video using FFMPEG
oCVuoFileUtilitiesFunctions for dealing with files
oCVuoFontA font description: family, style, point size, underline
oCVuoFontClassA wrapper for VuoFont, so it can be used as a std::map key
oCVuoGenericTypeA generic port type
oCVuoGlContextPoolA process-wide set of mutually-shared OpenGL contexts
oCVuoGlProgramInformation about a pooled GL Program Object
oCVuoGlTextureReference-counting information for an OpenGL texture
oCVuoGraphicsViewUses VuoDisplayRefresh to render callbacks onto an IOSurface, then (on the main thread) draws that IOSurface onto a window
oCVuoGraphicsView()Private VuoGraphicsView data
oCVuoGraphicsWindowA window containing a VuoGraphicsView
oCVuoGraphicsWindow()Private VuoGraphicsWindow data
oCVuoGraphicsWindow(Drag)Methods related to dragging files from Finder
oCVuoGraphicsWindowDelegateHandles window events on behalf of VuoGraphicsWindow
oCVuoGraphicsWindowDelegate()Private VuoGraphicsWindowDelegate data
oCVuoHeapEntryAn entry in the reference-counting table
oCVuoHidControlInformation about a control on a USB HID device
oCVuoHidDeviceInformation about a USB HID device
oCVuoImageBlend_internalState data for the image blender
oCVuoImageBlur_internalState data for the image blurrer
oCVuoImageFilterCompiles, runs, and controls a Vuo composition that adheres to the Image Filter protocol
oCVuoImageGeneratorCompiles, runs, and controls a Vuo composition that adheres to the Image Generator protocol
oCVuoImageRendererInternalInternal state data for a VuoImageRenderer instance
oCVuoImageResize_internalVuoImageResize state data
oCVuoInputEditorThis class implements the input editor widget displayed by the Vuo Editor when editing an input port value of a certain type
oCVuoInputEditorAnchorAn input editor that edits any type
oCVuoInputEditorAnchorFactoryA VuoInputEditorAnchor factory
oCVuoInputEditorArtNetInputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoArtNetInputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorArtNetInputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorArtNetInputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorArtNetOutputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoArtNetOutputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorArtNetOutputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorArtNetOutputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorAudioInputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoOscInputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorAudioInputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorAudioInputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorAudioOutputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoAudioInputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorAudioOutputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorAudioOutputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorBlendModeAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoBlendMode values
oCVuoInputEditorBlendModeFactoryA VuoInputEditorBlendMode factory
oCVuoInputEditorColorAn input editor that displays a color-picker dialog
oCVuoInputEditorColorFactoryA VuoInputEditorColor factory
oCVuoInputEditorCurveAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoCurve values
oCVuoInputEditorCurveEasingAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoCurveEasing values
oCVuoInputEditorCurveEasingFactoryA VuoInputEditorCurveEasing factory
oCVuoInputEditorCurveFactoryA VuoInputEditorCurve factory
oCVuoInputEditorDispersionAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoWrapMode values
oCVuoInputEditorDispersionFactoryA VuoInputEditorDispersion factory
oCVuoInputEditorDisplacementAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoWrapMode values
oCVuoInputEditorDisplacementFactoryA VuoInputEditorDisplacement factory
oCVuoInputEditorEdgeBlendAn input editor that modifies VuoEdgeBlend type
oCVuoInputEditorEdgeBlendFactoryA VuoInputEditorEdgeBlend factory
oCVuoInputEditorFactoryPlugin interface for input editors
oCVuoInputEditorFontAn input editor that displays a Font-picker dialog
oCVuoInputEditorFontAccessoryDelegateReceives events changing the font's alignment and spacing
oCVuoInputEditorFontFactoryA VuoInputEditorFont factory
oCVuoInputEditorFontPanelDelegateIntercepts events from NSFontPanel and passes them to the parent QDialog
oCVuoInputEditorFontTextEditA text edit widget that receives the changes from the font panel
oCVuoInputEditorHidDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoHidDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorHidDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorHidDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorIconProvides functions for rendering icons
oCVuoInputEditorIntegerAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoInteger value, allowing the user either to select the value with a mouse (using a spin box or slider) or to type the value into a text box (line edit)
oCVuoInputEditorIntegerFactoryA VuoInputEditorInteger factory
oCVuoInputEditorIntegerRangeAn input editor that modifies VuoIntegerRange type
oCVuoInputEditorIntegerRangeFactoryA VuoInputEditorIntegerRange factory
oCVuoInputEditorKeyAn input editor that displays a dialog for picking a keyboard key
oCVuoInputEditorKeyFactoryA VuoInputEditorKey factory
oCVuoInputEditorLoopTypeAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoLoopType values
oCVuoInputEditorLoopTypeFactoryA VuoInputEditorLoopType factory
oCVuoInputEditorMathExpressionFactoryA VuoInputEditorMathExpression factory
oCVuoInputEditorMathExpressionListAn input editor for a list of math expressions
oCVuoInputEditorMenuItemInterface of VuoInputEditorMenuItem
oCVuoInputEditorMidiInputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoMidiInputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorMidiInputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorMidiInputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorMidiOutputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoMidiOutputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorMidiOutputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorMidiOutputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorMovieFormatAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoMovieFormat value, allowing the user to select the image and audio encodings from a drop-down menu, and the image and audio quality values either with a mouse (using a slider) or by typing the values into a text box (line edit)
oCVuoInputEditorMovieFormatFactoryA VuoInputEditorMovieFormat factory
oCVuoInputEditorOscInputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoOscInputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorOscInputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorOscInputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorOscOutputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoOscOutputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorOscOutputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorOscOutputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorPoint2dAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoPoint2d value, allowing the user either to select the value with a mouse (using a spin box or slider) or to type the value into a text box (line edit)
oCVuoInputEditorPoint2dFactoryA VuoInputEditorPoint2d factory
oCVuoInputEditorPoint3dAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoPoint3d value, allowing the user either to select the value with a mouse (using a spin box or slider) or to type the value into a text box (line edit)
oCVuoInputEditorPoint3dFactoryA VuoInputEditorPoint3d factory
oCVuoInputEditorPoint4dAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoPoint4d value, allowing the user either to select the value with a mouse (using a spin box or slider) or to type the value into a text box (line edit)
oCVuoInputEditorPoint4dFactoryA VuoInputEditorPoint4d factory
oCVuoInputEditorRangeAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoRange value, allowing the user either to select the value with a mouse (using a spin box or slider) or to type the value into a text box (line edit)
oCVuoInputEditorRangeFactoryA VuoInputEditorRange factory
oCVuoInputEditorRealAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoReal value, allowing the user either to select the value with a mouse (using a spin box or slider) or to type the value into a text box (line edit)
oCVuoInputEditorRealFactoryA VuoInputEditorReal factory
oCVuoInputEditorRealRegulationAn input editor for real regulations
oCVuoInputEditorRealRegulationFactoryA VuoInputEditorRealRegulation factory
oCVuoInputEditorScreenAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoScreen values
oCVuoInputEditorScreenFactoryA VuoInputEditorScreen factory
oCVuoInputEditorSerialDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoSerialDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorSerialDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorSerialDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorSizingModeAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoWrapMode values
oCVuoInputEditorSizingModeFactoryA VuoInputEditorSizingMode factory
oCVuoInputEditorSyphonServerDescriptionAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoSyphonServerDescription values
oCVuoInputEditorSyphonServerDescriptionFactoryA VuoInputEditorSyphonServerDescription factory
oCVuoInputEditorTextAn input editor that displays a text area for entering plain text
oCVuoInputEditorTextFactoryA VuoInputEditorText factory
oCVuoInputEditorTransformAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoTransform value, allowing the user to specify the XYZ translation, XYZ rotation (yaw/pitch/roll), and XYZ scale
oCVuoInputEditorTransform2dAn input editor that displays widgets for editing a VuoTransform2d value, allowing the user to specify the XY translation, rotation (roll), and XY scale
oCVuoInputEditorTransform2dFactoryA VuoInputEditorTransform2d factory
oCVuoInputEditorTransformFactoryA VuoInputEditorTransform factory
oCVuoInputEditorVideoInputDeviceAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoVideoInputDevice values
oCVuoInputEditorVideoInputDeviceFactoryA VuoInputEditorVideoInputDevice factory
oCVuoInputEditorWaveAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoWave values
oCVuoInputEditorWaveFactoryA VuoInputEditorWave factory
oCVuoInputEditorWithDialogA base class for input editors that display a frameless dialog
oCVuoInputEditorWithEnumMenuA base class for input editors that display a menu of enum values
oCVuoInputEditorWithLineEditA base class for input editors that display a line edit (text field)
oCVuoInputEditorWithLineEditListA base class for input editors that display a series of line edits (text fields)
oCVuoInputEditorWithMenuA base class for input editors that display a menu
oCVuoInputEditorWrapModeAn input editor that displays a menu of VuoWrapMode values
oCVuoInputEditorWrapModeFactoryA VuoInputEditorWrapMode factory
oCVuoIntegerRangeDefines an int range with an optionally bound/unbound min/max
oCVuoIoSurfacePoolEntryTypeAn entry in the IOSurface pool
oCVuoKeyboardContextHandle for starting and stopping event listeners
oCVuoKeyComboBoxA combo box that displays a list of VuoKeys and reacts to keypresses by selecting the corresponding VuoKey
oCVuoKeyedPoolA pool of shared objects — one object per key
oCVuoLayerA 2D Object: visible (image), or virtual (group)
oCVuoLeapFrameA frame of Leap Motion data
oCVuoLeapHandThe Hand class reports the physical characteristics of a detected hand
oCVuoLeapListenerListens for Leap events, and passes them along to the specified trigger port
oCVuoLeapPointableCoordinates of a single Leap "pointable" (a finger or tool)
oCVuoList_VuoAnchor_structA list of VuoAnchor elements
oCVuoList_VuoArtNetInputDevice_structA list of VuoArtNetInputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoArtNetOutputDevice_structA list of VuoArtNetOutputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoAudioBinAverageType_structA list of VuoAudioBinAverageType elements
oCVuoList_VuoAudioBins_structA list of VuoAudioBins elements
oCVuoList_VuoAudioEncoding_structA list of VuoAudioEncoding elements
oCVuoList_VuoAudioFrame_structA list of VuoAudioFrame elements
oCVuoList_VuoAudioInputDevice_structA list of VuoAudioInputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoAudioOutputDevice_structA list of VuoAudioOutputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoAudioSamples_structA list of VuoAudioSamples elements
oCVuoList_VuoBaudRate_structA list of VuoBaudRate elements
oCVuoList_VuoBlendMode_structA list of VuoBlendMode elements
oCVuoList_VuoBlurShape_structA list of VuoBlurShape elements
oCVuoList_VuoBoolean_structA list of VuoBoolean elements
oCVuoList_VuoColor_structA list of VuoColor elements
oCVuoList_VuoColorSample_structA list of VuoColorSample elements
oCVuoList_VuoControlCode_structA list of VuoControlCode elements
oCVuoList_VuoCoordinateUnit_structA list of VuoCoordinateUnit elements
oCVuoList_VuoCursor_structA list of VuoCursor elements
oCVuoList_VuoCurve_structA list of VuoCurve elements
oCVuoList_VuoCurveEasing_structA list of VuoCurveEasing elements
oCVuoList_VuoData_structA list of VuoData elements
oCVuoList_VuoDispersion_structA list of VuoDispersion elements
oCVuoList_VuoDisplacement_structA list of VuoDisplacement elements
oCVuoList_VuoDistribution3d_structA list of VuoDistribution3d elements
oCVuoList_VuoDmxColorMap_structA list of VuoDmxColorMap elements
oCVuoList_VuoDragEvent_structA list of VuoDragEvent elements
oCVuoList_VuoDurationType_structA list of VuoDurationType elements
oCVuoList_VuoEdgeBlend_structA list of VuoEdgeBlend elements
oCVuoList_VuoExtrapolationMode_structA list of VuoExtrapolationMode elements
oCVuoList_VuoFileType_structA list of VuoFileType elements
oCVuoList_VuoFont_structA list of VuoFont elements
oCVuoList_VuoGradientNoise_structA list of VuoGradientNoise elements
oCVuoList_VuoGridType_structA list of VuoGridType elements
oCVuoList_VuoHidControl_structA list of VuoHidControl elements
oCVuoList_VuoHidDevice_structA list of VuoHidDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoHorizontalAlignment_structA list of VuoHorizontalAlignment elements
oCVuoList_VuoHorizontalReflection_structA list of VuoHorizontalReflection elements
oCVuoList_VuoHorizontalSide_structA list of VuoHorizontalSide elements
oCVuoList_VuoIconPosition_structA list of VuoIconPosition elements
oCVuoList_VuoImage_structA list of VuoImage elements
oCVuoList_VuoImageColorDepth_structA list of VuoImageColorDepth elements
oCVuoList_VuoImageFormat_structA list of VuoImageFormat elements
oCVuoList_VuoImageNoise_structA list of VuoImageNoise elements
oCVuoList_VuoImageStereoType_structA list of VuoImageStereoType elements
oCVuoList_VuoImageWrapMode_structA list of VuoImageWrapMode elements
oCVuoList_VuoInteger_structA list of VuoInteger elements
oCVuoList_VuoIntegerRange_structA list of VuoIntegerRange elements
oCVuoList_VuoKey_structA list of VuoKey elements
oCVuoList_VuoLayer_structA list of VuoLayer elements
oCVuoList_VuoLeapFrame_structA list of VuoLeapFrame elements
oCVuoList_VuoLeapHand_structA list of VuoLeapHand elements
oCVuoList_VuoLeapPointable_structA list of VuoLeapPointable elements
oCVuoList_VuoLeapPointableType_structA list of VuoLeapPointableType elements
oCVuoList_VuoLeapTouchZone_structA list of VuoLeapTouchZone elements
oCVuoList_VuoListPosition_structA list of VuoListPosition elements
oCVuoList_VuoLoopType_structA list of VuoLoopType elements
oCVuoList_VuoMesh_structA list of VuoMesh elements
oCVuoList_VuoMidiController_structA list of VuoMidiController elements
oCVuoList_VuoMidiInputDevice_structA list of VuoMidiInputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoMidiNote_structA list of VuoMidiNote elements
oCVuoList_VuoMidiOutputDevice_structA list of VuoMidiOutputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoMidiPitchBend_structA list of VuoMidiPitchBend elements
oCVuoList_VuoModifierKey_structA list of VuoModifierKey elements
oCVuoList_VuoMouseButton_structA list of VuoMouseButton elements
oCVuoList_VuoMovieFormat_structA list of VuoMovieFormat elements
oCVuoList_VuoMovieImageEncoding_structA list of VuoMovieImageEncoding elements
oCVuoList_VuoMultisample_structA list of VuoMultisample elements
oCVuoList_VuoNoise_structA list of VuoNoise elements
oCVuoList_VuoNotePriority_structA list of VuoNotePriority elements
oCVuoList_VuoNumberComparison_structA list of VuoNumberComparison elements
oCVuoList_VuoNumberFormat_structA list of VuoNumberFormat elements
oCVuoList_VuoOscInputDevice_structA list of VuoOscInputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoOscMessage_structA list of VuoOscMessage elements
oCVuoList_VuoOscOutputDevice_structA list of VuoOscOutputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoOscType_structA list of VuoOscType elements
oCVuoList_VuoParity_structA list of VuoParity elements
oCVuoList_VuoPoint2d_structA list of VuoPoint2d elements
oCVuoList_VuoPoint3d_structA list of VuoPoint3d elements
oCVuoList_VuoPoint4d_structA list of VuoPoint4d elements
oCVuoList_VuoProjectionType_structA list of VuoProjectionType elements
oCVuoList_VuoRange_structA list of VuoRange elements
oCVuoList_VuoReal_structA list of VuoReal elements
oCVuoList_VuoRealRegulation_structA list of VuoRealRegulation elements
oCVuoList_VuoRelativeTime_structA list of VuoRelativeTime elements
oCVuoList_VuoRenderedLayers_structA list of VuoRenderedLayers elements
oCVuoList_VuoRoundingMethod_structA list of VuoRoundingMethod elements
oCVuoList_VuoRssItem_structA list of VuoRssItem elements
oCVuoList_VuoSceneObject_structA list of VuoSceneObject elements
oCVuoList_VuoSceneObjectType_structA list of VuoSceneObjectType elements
oCVuoList_VuoScreen_structA list of VuoScreen elements
oCVuoList_VuoSerialDevice_structA list of VuoSerialDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoShader_structA list of VuoShader elements
oCVuoList_VuoSizingMode_structA list of VuoSizingMode elements
oCVuoList_VuoSyphonServerDescription_structA list of VuoSyphonServerDescription elements
oCVuoList_VuoTempoRange_structA list of VuoTempoRange elements
oCVuoList_VuoText_structA list of VuoText elements
oCVuoList_VuoTextCase_structA list of VuoTextCase elements
oCVuoList_VuoThresholdType_structA list of VuoThresholdType elements
oCVuoList_VuoTime_structA list of VuoTime elements
oCVuoList_VuoTimeFormat_structA list of VuoTimeFormat elements
oCVuoList_VuoTimeUnit_structA list of VuoTimeUnit elements
oCVuoList_VuoTransform2d_structA list of VuoTransform2d elements
oCVuoList_VuoTransform_structA list of VuoTransform elements
oCVuoList_VuoUrl_structA list of VuoUrl elements
oCVuoList_VuoVertexAttribute_structA list of VuoVertexAttribute elements
oCVuoList_VuoVerticalAlignment_structA list of VuoVerticalAlignment elements
oCVuoList_VuoVerticalReflection_structA list of VuoVerticalReflection elements
oCVuoList_VuoVideoFrame_structA list of VuoVideoFrame elements
oCVuoList_VuoVideoInputDevice_structA list of VuoVideoInputDevice elements
oCVuoList_VuoVideoOptimization_structA list of VuoVideoOptimization elements
oCVuoList_VuoWave_structA list of VuoWave elements
oCVuoList_VuoWeekday_structA list of VuoWeekday elements
oCVuoList_VuoWindowProperty_structA list of VuoWindowProperty elements
oCVuoList_VuoWindowReference_structA list of VuoWindowReference elements
oCVuoList_VuoWrapMode_structA list of VuoWrapMode elements
oCVuoMathExpressionA mathematical expression
oCVuoMathExpressionErrorInternalC++ implementation of opaque C type VuoMathExpressionError
oCVuoMathExpressionListAn ordered list of mathematical expressions
oCVuoMathExpressionParserInternalC++ implementation of opaque C type VuoMathExpressionParser
oCVuoMidiControllerA music note event sent via MIDI
oCVuoMidiIn_internalPrivate data for a VuoMidiIn instance
oCVuoMidiInputDeviceA set of specifications for choosing a MIDI input device
oCVuoMidiNoteA music note event sent via MIDI
oCVuoMidiOutputDeviceA set of specifications for choosing a MIDI output device
oCVuoMidiPitchBendA pitch bend event sent via MIDI
oCVuoModuleA modular component (i.e., node class or type) that is an add-on to the core Vuo framework
oCVuoMouseContextHandle for starting and stopping event listeners
oCVuoMovieExporterRuns an Image Generator composition in a separate process, saving each output image to a movie file
oCVuoMovieExporterParametersParameters specifying how an Image Generator composition should be rendered into a movie
oCVuoMovieFormatDescribes the attributes of a movie file
oCVuoNodeThis class represents an instance of a VuoNodeClass
oCVuoNodeClassThis base class represents the metadata and implementation of one node class — i.e., for each node implementation file, there is one instance of VuoNodeClass
oCVuoNodeRegistryManages runtime information associated with each node and port in the composition
oCVuoNodeSetThis class represents a node set, which is a set of node classes and supporting files grouped together in an archive
oCVuoNSMenuOverrides keyDown event handling
oCVuoOscIn_internalPrivate data for a VuoOscIn instance
oCVuoOscInPacketListenerThis class maintains a list of trigger functions to be called when an OSC message is received
oCVuoOscInputDeviceInformation about an OSC input device
oCVuoOscInSocketOpens a reusable UDP socket, attaches the specified listener to it (on a separate thread), and starts it receiving messages
oCVuoOscOutputDeviceInformation about an OSC Output device
oCVuoOscOutputIdentifierEnable VuoOscOutputDevice to be used in std::map
oCVuoPoint2dA floating-point 2-dimensional Cartesian spatial location
oCVuoPoint3dA floating-point 3-dimensional Cartesian spatial location
oCVuoPoint4dA floating-point 4-dimensional point
oCVuoPortA port instance on a VuoNode instance
oCVuoPortClassA port type on a VuoNodeClass
oCVuoProtocolThis class represents a protocol
oCVuoPublishedPortThis class represents a published port in a composition
oCVuoQtListenerManages receiving video frames via a QTCaptureSession
oCVuoQtListener()Private VuoQtListener data
oCVuoRangeDefines a range with an optionally bound/unbound min/max
oCVuoRealRegulationParameters describing how to regulate a real number
oCVuoRectangleA rectangular area
oCVuoRenderedLayersA layer (or hierarchical structure of layers) and its dimensions in pixels
oCVuoRendererCableRenders a cable in a VuoRendererComposition
oCVuoRendererColorsProvides colors for rendered items in a composition
oCVuoRendererCompositionProvides a canvas upon which nodes and cables can be rendered
oCVuoRendererFontsProvides fonts for rendered items in a composition
oCVuoRendererHiddenInputAttachmentRepresents an input attachment with no visible rendering
oCVuoRendererInputAttachmentRepresents a node that is rendered as an attachment to another node's input port
oCVuoRendererInputDrawerRepresents the compact drawer form of a "Make List" node
oCVuoRendererInputListDrawerRepresents the resizable, compact form of a "Make List" node
oCVuoRendererItemSubclass of QGraphicsItem, which can show bounding rects for debugging
oCVuoRendererKeyListForReadOnlyDictionaryRepresents the compact form of a "Make List" node that outputs a list of keys as input to a read-only input "Make Dictionary" node
oCVuoRendererNodeRenders a node in a VuoRendererComposition
oCVuoRendererPortRenders a node's port in a QGraphicsScene
oCVuoRendererPortListA QGraphicsItemGroup containing only instances of VuoRendererPort
oCVuoRendererPublishedPortA published input or output port
oCVuoRendererReadOnlyDictionaryRepresents the compact form of a read-only input "Make Dictionary" node
oCVuoRendererSignalerSends signals on behalf of VuoRenderer objects that don't inherit from QObject
oCVuoRendererTypecastPortRenders a typecast port
oCVuoRendererValueListForReadOnlyDictionaryRepresents the compact form of a "Make List" node that outputs a list of values as input to a read-only input "Make Dictionary" node
oCVuoRssItemAn item from an RSS feed
oCVuoRunnerThis class runs and controls a composition that has been compiled and linked by VuoCompiler
oCVuoRunnerCocoaCompiles, runs, and controls a Vuo composition
oCVuoRunnerCocoa(Conversion)Methods for converting between Cocoa types and Vuo types
oCVuoRunnerDelegateAn abstract class to be implemented by a client that will receive telemetry messages from the composition
oCVuoRunnerDelegateAdapterA class provided for convenience when inheriting from VuoRunnerDelegate
oCVuoRuntimeCommunicatorManages communication between the runtime and the runner
oCVuoRuntimePersistentStateRuntime state preserved across live-coding reloads
oCVuoRuntimeStateEncapsulates the state of the runtime when running a single composition, including both state that is preserved across live-coding reloads and state that only lives for a single start-stop of the composition
oCVuoRuntimeUtilitiesMiscellaneous helper functions for runtime classes
oCVuoSceneObjectA 3D Object: visible (mesh), or virtual (group, light, camera)
oCVuoSceneObjectGet_dataA data buffer, and the curren read position inside it
oCVuoSceneObjectRenderer_AttributesOpenGL attribute locations
oCVuoSceneObjectRendererInternalInternal state data for a VuoSceneObjectRenderer instance
oCVuoSceneRendererInternalInternal state data for a VuoSceneRenderer instance
oCVuoSceneRendererInternal_objectGL Objects corresponding with a VuoSceneObject instance
oCVuoScreenInformation about a display screen
oCVuoScreenCaptureDelegateCallback to process captured frames
oCVuoScreenCaptureInternalData for a screen capture instance
oCVuoSerialDeviceInformation about a serial I/O device
oCVuoShaderUniformHolds values to eventually be assigned to a GL Program Object's uniforms
oCVuoSpinBoxA spin box where the buttons can have a different minimum and maximum than the line edit
oCVuoStringUtilitiesFunctions for dealing with strings
oCVuoSubmeshOne set of vertices, with associated normals and other per-vertex data, within a mesh
oCVuoSubmesh.glUploadReferences to mesh data uploaded to the GPU
oCVuoSubshaderReferences to shader source code and shader code uploaded to the GPU
oCVuoSyphonListenerThis class handles connecting to and receiving frames from a Syphon server
oCVuoSyphonSenderThis class handles creating a Syphon server and publishing frames from it
oCVuoSyphonServerDescriptionA struct containing the dictionary values of a Syphon Server Description
oCVuoSyphonServerNotifierInternalInternal implementation of VuoSyphonServerNotifier
oCVuoThreadManagerManages the number of threads used by a composition to avoid hitting the Dispatch Thread Soft Limit
oCVuoTimeUtilitiesFunctions for measuring times at microsecond precision
oCVuoTransformA 3D transformation (scale, rotation, translation)
oCVuoTransform2dA 2D transformation (scale, rotation, translation)
oCVuoTriggerSetManages a set of callbacks for nodes' trigger ports
oCVuoTypeThis base class represents the metadata of one type
oCVuoUrl_curlBufferA memory buffer, filled by VuoUrl_curlCallback()
oCVuoVideoDecoderVirtual class from which Ffmpeg and AvFoundation video decoders inherit
oCVuoVideoFrameAn image and timestamp for a single frame of video
oCVuoVideoInputDeviceInformation about a video input device
oCVuoVideoPlayerVideo playback using a decoder to read video
oCVuoWindowPropertyA window setting, such as its title, or whether it is full-screen
oCVuoWindowRecorderManages recording the contents of a VuoGraphicsWindow
oCVuoWindowRecorder()Private variables for VuoWindowRecorder
oCVuoWindowReference_structA unique ID for a window being displayed by the composition
\CVuoWindowTextInternalA console window for use by Vuo node classes