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Coordinates of a single Leap "pointable" (a finger or tool).


struct  VuoLeapPointable
 Coordinates of a single Leap "pointable" (a finger or tool). More...


char * VuoLeapHand_getSummary (const VuoLeapHand value)
VuoLeapHand VuoLeapHand_make (VuoInteger id, VuoPoint4d rotation, VuoPoint3d palmPosition, VuoPoint3d palmVelocity, VuoReal sphereRadius, VuoPoint3d sphereCenter, VuoReal palmWidth, VuoPoint3d wristPosition, VuoReal pinchAmount, VuoReal grabAmount, VuoReal timeVisible, VuoBoolean isLeftHand, VuoReal confidence, VuoList_VuoLeapPointable fingers)
VuoLeapPointable VuoLeapPointable_makeFromJson (json_object *js)
json_objectVuoLeapPointable_getJson (const VuoLeapPointable value)
char * VuoLeapPointable_getSummary (const VuoLeapPointable value)
VuoLeapPointable VuoLeapPointable_make (VuoInteger id, VuoLeapPointableType type, VuoReal length, VuoReal width, VuoPoint3d direction, VuoPoint3d tipPosition, VuoPoint3d tipVelocity, VuoReal timeVisible, VuoReal touchDistance, VuoLeapTouchZone touchZone, VuoBoolean isExtended)
VuoLeapPointable VuoLeapPointable_makeFromString (const char *initializer)
 Automatically generated function. More...
char * VuoLeapPointable_getString (const VuoLeapPointable value)
 Automatically generated function. More...

Class Documentation

◆ VuoLeapPointable

struct VuoLeapPointable
Class Members
VuoPoint3d direction
VuoInteger id
VuoBoolean isExtended
VuoReal length
VuoReal timeVisible
VuoPoint3d tipPosition
VuoPoint3d tipVelocity
VuoReal touchDistance
VuoLeapTouchZone touchZone
VuoLeapPointableType type
VuoReal width

Function Documentation

◆ VuoLeapHand_getSummary()

char* VuoLeapHand_getSummary ( const VuoLeapHand  value)

Returns a compact string representation of value.

Definition at line 118 of file VuoLeapHand.c.

◆ VuoLeapHand_make()

VuoLeapHand VuoLeapHand_make ( VuoInteger  id,
VuoPoint4d  rotation,
VuoPoint3d  palmPosition,
VuoPoint3d  palmVelocity,
VuoReal  sphereRadius,
VuoPoint3d  sphereCenter,
VuoReal  palmWidth,
VuoPoint3d  wristPosition,
VuoReal  pinchAmount,
VuoReal  grabAmount,
VuoReal  timeVisible,
VuoBoolean  isLeftHand,
VuoReal  confidence,
VuoList_VuoLeapPointable  fingers 

Creates a new pointable from the specified values.

Definition at line 127 of file VuoLeapHand.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointable_getJson()

struct json_object * VuoLeapPointable_getJson ( const VuoLeapPointable  value)

Encodes value as a JSON object.

Definition at line 73 of file VuoLeapPointable.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointable_getString()

char* VuoLeapPointable_getString ( const VuoLeapPointable  value)

Automatically generated function.

◆ VuoLeapPointable_getSummary()

char * VuoLeapPointable_getSummary ( const VuoLeapPointable  value)

Returns a compact string representation of value.

Definition at line 117 of file VuoLeapPointable.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointable_make()

VuoLeapPointable VuoLeapPointable_make ( VuoInteger  id,
VuoLeapPointableType  type,
VuoReal  length,
VuoReal  width,
VuoPoint3d  direction,
VuoPoint3d  tipPosition,
VuoPoint3d  tipVelocity,
VuoReal  timeVisible,
VuoReal  touchDistance,
VuoLeapTouchZone  touchZone,
VuoBoolean  isExtended 

Creates a new pointable from the specified values.

Definition at line 126 of file VuoLeapPointable.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointable_makeFromJson()

VuoLeapPointable VuoLeapPointable_makeFromJson ( json_object js)

Decodes the JSON object js to create a new value.

"id" : 42,
"type" : "finger",
"length" : 4.2,
"width" : 4.2,
"direction" : {"x":1,"y":1,"z":1},
"tipPosition" : {"x":1,"y":1,"z":1},
"tipVelocity" : {"x":1,"y":1,"z":1},
"timeVisible" : 2.3
"touchDistance" : 0.3
"touchZone" : "hovering",
"isExtended" : true

Definition at line 52 of file VuoLeapPointable.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointable_makeFromString()

VuoLeapPointable VuoLeapPointable_makeFromString ( const char *  initializer)

Automatically generated function.