Vuo  2.0.0
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Whether a pointable is a finger or a tool.


enum  VuoLeapPointableType { VuoLeapPointableType_Finger, VuoLeapPointableType_Tool }
 Whether a pointable is a finger or a tool. More...


VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_makeFromJson (json_object *js)
json_objectVuoLeapPointableType_getJson (const VuoLeapPointableType value)
char * VuoLeapPointableType_getSummary (const VuoLeapPointableType value)
VuoList_VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_getAllowedValues (void)
 Returns a list of values that instances of this type can have. More...
VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_makeFromString (const char *str)
 Automatically generated function. More...
char * VuoLeapPointableType_getString (const VuoLeapPointableType value)
 Automatically generated function. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ VuoLeapPointableType

Whether a pointable is a finger or a tool.

Definition at line 28 of file VuoLeapPointableType.h.

Function Documentation

◆ VuoLeapPointableType_getAllowedValues()

VuoList_VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_getAllowedValues ( void  )

Returns a list of values that instances of this type can have.

Definition at line 72 of file VuoLeapPointableType.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointableType_getJson()

struct json_object * VuoLeapPointableType_getJson ( const VuoLeapPointableType  value)

Encodes value as a JSON object.

Definition at line 52 of file VuoLeapPointableType.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointableType_getString()

char* VuoLeapPointableType_getString ( const VuoLeapPointableType  value)

Automatically generated function.

◆ VuoLeapPointableType_getSummary()

char * VuoLeapPointableType_getSummary ( const VuoLeapPointableType  value)

Same as VuoLeapPointableType_getString()

Definition at line 84 of file VuoLeapPointableType.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointableType_makeFromJson()

VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_makeFromJson ( json_object js)

Decodes the JSON object js, expected to contain a string, to create a new VuoLeapPointableType.

Definition at line 32 of file VuoLeapPointableType.c.

◆ VuoLeapPointableType_makeFromString()

VuoLeapPointableType VuoLeapPointableType_makeFromString ( const char *  str)

Automatically generated function.