Vuo  2.3.2
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VuoAvWriter implementation.

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void VuoAvWriter_free (VuoAvWriter writer)
 Free things associated with AvWriter. More...
VuoAvWriter VuoAvWriter_make ()
 Create a new VuoAvWriter. More...
bool VuoAvWriter_initializeMovie (VuoAvWriter writer, int width, int height, int channels, VuoText url, bool overwrite, VuoMovieFormat format)
 Initialize the AssetWriter for video with dimensions, and audio with num channels. More...
bool VuoAvWriter_isInitialized (VuoAvWriter writer)
 Is this movie initialized already? More...
void VuoAvWriter_appendImage (VuoAvWriter writer, VuoImage image, VuoReal timestamp, bool blockIfNotReady)
 Append an image to the movie file. More...
void VuoAvWriter_appendAudio (VuoAvWriter writer, VuoList_VuoAudioSamples samples, VuoReal timestamp, bool blockIfNotReady)
 Appends a set of audio samples to movie file. More...
void VuoAvWriter_finalize (VuoAvWriter writer)
 Stop recording and finalize rendering the movie. More...

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◆ VuoAvWriter_appendAudio()

void VuoAvWriter_appendAudio ( VuoAvWriter  writer,
VuoList_VuoAudioSamples  samples,
VuoReal  timestamp,
bool  blockIfNotReady 

Appends a set of audio samples to movie file.

If called prior to VuoAvWriter_initializeMovie, this has no effect.

Changed in Vuo 2.0.0:
Added blockIfNotReady argument.

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◆ VuoAvWriter_appendImage()

void VuoAvWriter_appendImage ( VuoAvWriter  writer,
VuoImage  image,
VuoReal  timestamp,
bool  blockIfNotReady 

Append an image to the movie file.

Appends an image to a movie file.

If this is the first frame, the writer object will be initialized for you. Can return false in the event that a movie file already exists at url, or initialization failed for any reason. After the initial call, this method always returns true.

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◆ VuoAvWriter_finalize()

void VuoAvWriter_finalize ( VuoAvWriter  writer)

Stop recording and finalize rendering the movie.

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◆ VuoAvWriter_free()

void VuoAvWriter_free ( VuoAvWriter  writer)

Free things associated with AvWriter.

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◆ VuoAvWriter_initializeMovie()

bool VuoAvWriter_initializeMovie ( VuoAvWriter  writer,
int  width,
int  height,
int  channels,
VuoText  url,
bool  overwrite,
VuoMovieFormat  format 

Initialize the AssetWriter for video with dimensions, and audio with num channels.

Initialize a new movie, and begin recording.

Must be called before appendX.

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◆ VuoAvWriter_isInitialized()

bool VuoAvWriter_isInitialized ( VuoAvWriter  writer)

Is this movie initialized already?

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◆ VuoAvWriter_make()

VuoAvWriter VuoAvWriter_make ( )

Create a new VuoAvWriter.

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