Vuo  2.3.2
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VuoNodeRegistry.hh File Reference


VuoNodeRegistry interface.

Definition in file VuoNodeRegistry.hh.

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class  VuoNodeRegistry
 Manages runtime information associated with each node and port in the composition. More...


void vuoAddNodeMetadata (VuoCompositionState *compositionState, const char *nodeIdentifier, NodeContext *(*compositionCreateContextForNode)(unsigned long), void(*compositionSetPortValue)(VuoCompositionState *, const char *, const char *, bool, bool, bool, bool, bool), char *(*compositionGetPortValue)(VuoCompositionState *, const char *, int, bool), void(*compositionFireTriggerPortEvent)(VuoCompositionState *, const char *), void(*compositionReleasePortData)(void *, unsigned long))
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::addNodeMetadata(). More...
void vuoAddPortMetadata (VuoCompositionState *compositionState, const char *portIdentifier, const char *portName, unsigned long typeIndex, const char *initialValue)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::addPortMetadata(). More...
NodeContextvuoGetNodeContext (VuoCompositionState *compositionState, unsigned long nodeIndex)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getNodeContext(). More...
NodeContextvuoGetCompositionContext (VuoCompositionState *compositionState)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getCompositionContext(). More...
void * vuoGetDataForPort (VuoCompositionState *compositionState, const char *portIdentifier)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getDataForPort(). More...
unsigned long vuoGetNodeIndexForPort (VuoCompositionState *compositionState, const char *portIdentifier)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getNodeIndexForPort(). More...
unsigned long vuoGetTypeIndexForPort (VuoCompositionState *compositionState, const char *portIdentifier)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getTypeIndexForPort(). More...
void vuoInitContextForTopLevelComposition (VuoCompositionState *compositionState, bool hasInstanceData, unsigned long publishedOutputPortCount)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::initContextForTopLevelComposition(). More...
void vuoFiniContextForTopLevelComposition (VuoCompositionState *compositionState)
 C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::finiContextForTopLevelComposition(). More...

Function Documentation

◆ vuoAddNodeMetadata()

void vuoAddNodeMetadata ( VuoCompositionState compositionState,
const char *  nodeIdentifier,
NodeContext *(*)(unsigned long)  compositionCreateContextForNode,
void(*)(VuoCompositionState *, const char *, const char *, bool, bool, bool, bool, bool)  compositionSetPortValue,
char *(*)(VuoCompositionState *, const char *, int, bool)  compositionGetPortValue,
void(*)(VuoCompositionState *, const char *)  compositionFireTriggerPortEvent,
void(*)(void *, unsigned long)  compositionReleasePortData 

C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::addNodeMetadata().

Changed in Vuo 2.0.0:
Added callback arguments.

Definition at line 977 of file

◆ vuoAddPortMetadata()

void vuoAddPortMetadata ( VuoCompositionState compositionState,
const char *  portIdentifier,
const char *  portName,
unsigned long  typeIndex,
const char *  initialValue 

C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::addPortMetadata().

Definition at line 995 of file

◆ vuoFiniContextForTopLevelComposition()

void vuoFiniContextForTopLevelComposition ( VuoCompositionState compositionState)

◆ vuoGetCompositionContext()

NodeContext* vuoGetCompositionContext ( VuoCompositionState compositionState)

C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getCompositionContext().

Definition at line 1016 of file

◆ vuoGetDataForPort()

void* vuoGetDataForPort ( VuoCompositionState compositionState,
const char *  portIdentifier 

C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getDataForPort().

Definition at line 1026 of file

◆ vuoGetNodeContext()

NodeContext* vuoGetNodeContext ( VuoCompositionState compositionState,
unsigned long  nodeIndex 

C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getNodeContext().

Definition at line 1006 of file

◆ vuoGetNodeIndexForPort()

unsigned long vuoGetNodeIndexForPort ( VuoCompositionState compositionState,
const char *  portIdentifier 

C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getNodeIndexForPort().

Definition at line 1036 of file

◆ vuoGetTypeIndexForPort()

unsigned long vuoGetTypeIndexForPort ( VuoCompositionState compositionState,
const char *  portIdentifier 

C wrapper for VuoNodeRegistry::getTypeIndexForPort().

Definition at line 1046 of file

◆ vuoInitContextForTopLevelComposition()

void vuoInitContextForTopLevelComposition ( VuoCompositionState compositionState,
bool  hasInstanceData,
unsigned long  publishedOutputPortCount