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VuoWindowProperty.h File Reference


VuoWindowProperty C type definition.

Definition in file VuoWindowProperty.h.

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struct  VuoList_VuoWindowProperty_struct
 List type. More...
struct  VuoWindowProperty
 A window setting, such as its title, or whether it is full-screen. More...


enum  VuoWindowPropertyType {
  VuoWindowProperty_Title , VuoWindowProperty_FullScreen , VuoWindowProperty_Position , VuoWindowProperty_Size ,
  VuoWindowProperty_AspectRatio , VuoWindowProperty_AspectRatioReset , VuoWindowProperty_Resizable , VuoWindowProperty_Cursor ,
  VuoWindowProperty_Interaction , VuoWindowProperty_Level
 The type of window property. More...
enum  VuoWindowLevel { VuoWindowLevel_Background , VuoWindowLevel_Normal , VuoWindowLevel_Floating }
 The type of window property. More...


VuoWindowProperty VuoWindowProperty_makeFromJson (struct json_object *js)
 Decodes the JSON object js to create a new value. More...
struct json_objectVuoWindowProperty_getJson (const VuoWindowProperty value)
 Encodes value as a JSON object. More...
char * VuoWindowProperty_getSummary (const VuoWindowProperty value)
 Returns a compact string representation of value. More...
VuoList_VuoWindowProperty VuoWindowProperty_getPropertiesWithType (const VuoList_VuoWindowProperty windowProperties, const VuoWindowPropertyType windowPropertyType)
 Returns a list of window properties matching windowPropertyType in the windowProperties list. More...
VuoWindowProperty VuoWindowProperty_makeFromString (const char *str)
 Automatically generated function. More...
char * VuoWindowProperty_getString (const VuoWindowProperty value)
 Automatically generated function. More...
void VuoWindowProperty_retain (VuoWindowProperty value)
 Automatically generated function. More...
void VuoWindowProperty_release (VuoWindowProperty value)
 Automatically generated function. More...
#define VuoList_VuoWindowProperty_TYPE_DEFINED
 List type. More...
typedef const struct VuoList_VuoWindowProperty_structVuoList_VuoWindowProperty
 List type. More...

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#define VuoList_VuoWindowProperty_TYPE_DEFINED

List type.

Definition at line 14 of file VuoWindowProperty.h.

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List type.