Vuo  2.3.2
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VuoFontClass Class Reference


A wrapper for VuoFont, so it can be used as a std::map key.

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Public Member Functions

 VuoFontClass (VuoFont font, float backingScaleFactor, float verticalScale, float rotation, float wrapWidth)
 Wraps a VuoFont. More...
 VuoFontClass (const VuoFontClass &font)
 Copies a VuoFontClass. More...
 ~VuoFontClass ()
 Destroys a VuoFontClass. More...

Public Attributes

VuoFont f
 The actual font. More...
float backingScaleFactor
 1 = nonretina, 2 = retina. More...
float verticalScale
 1 = normal font aspect ratio. More...
float rotation
 In radians. More...
float wrapWidth
 The width (in Vuo Coordinates) at which to wrap lines, or infinity to disable wrapping. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VuoFontClass() [1/2]

VuoFontClass::VuoFontClass ( VuoFont  font,
float  backingScaleFactor,
float  verticalScale,
float  rotation,
float  wrapWidth 

Wraps a VuoFont.

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◆ VuoFontClass() [2/2]

VuoFontClass::VuoFontClass ( const VuoFontClass font)

Copies a VuoFontClass.

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◆ ~VuoFontClass()

VuoFontClass::~VuoFontClass ( )

Destroys a VuoFontClass.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ backingScaleFactor

float VuoFontClass::backingScaleFactor

1 = nonretina, 2 = retina.

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◆ f

VuoFont VuoFontClass::f

The actual font.

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◆ rotation

float VuoFontClass::rotation

In radians.

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◆ verticalScale

float VuoFontClass::verticalScale

1 = normal font aspect ratio.

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◆ wrapWidth

float VuoFontClass::wrapWidth

The width (in Vuo Coordinates) at which to wrap lines, or infinity to disable wrapping.

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