Vuo  0.4.2
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VuoCompilerLeaf Class Reference


Provides a semaphore for waiting on a leaf node.

A node is a leaf node if at least one of the following is true for at least one trigger:

Public Member Functions

 VuoCompilerLeaf (VuoCompilerNode *node, set< VuoCompilerTriggerPort * > loopTriggers)
 Creates synchronization data for the specified leaf node.
void generateAllocationForSemaphore (Module *module)
 Generates code to allocate the leaf node's semaphore.
void generateInitializationForSemaphore (Module *module, BasicBlock *block)
 Generates code to initialize the leaf node's semaphore.
void generateFinalizationForSemaphore (Module *module, BasicBlock *block)
 Generates code to finalize the leaf node's semaphore.
void generateWaitForSemaphore (Module *module, BasicBlock *block)
 Generates code to claim the leaf node's semaphore.
void generateSignalForSemaphore (Module *module, BasicBlock *block)
 Generates code to relinquish the leaf node's semaphore.
VuoCompilerNodegetNode (void)
 Returns the leaf node.
bool isLastNodeInLoop (VuoCompilerTriggerPort *trigger)
 Returns true if this node is the last node scheduled to execute in a feedback loop.

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