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An OSC message.


struct  _VuoOscMessage
 An OSC message. More...


 Maximum supported number of OSC message arguments. More...


typedef struct _VuoOscMessageVuoOscMessage
 An OSC message. More...


void VuoOscMessage_free (void *message)
VuoOscMessage VuoOscMessage_make (VuoText address, unsigned int dataCount, struct json_object **data, VuoOscType *dataTypes)
VuoOscMessage VuoOscMessage_makeFromJson (json_object *js)
json_objectVuoOscMessage_getJson (const VuoOscMessage value)
char * VuoOscMessage_getSummary (const VuoOscMessage value)
VuoOscMessage VuoOscMessage_makeFromString (const char *str)
 Automatically generated function. More...
char * VuoOscMessage_getString (const VuoOscMessage value)
 Automatically generated function. More...
void VuoOscMessage_retain (VuoOscMessage value)
 Automatically generated function. More...
void VuoOscMessage_release (VuoOscMessage value)
 Automatically generated function. More...

Class Documentation

◆ _VuoOscMessage

struct _VuoOscMessage
Class Members
VuoText address
struct json_object * data[VUOOSC_MAX_MESSAGE_ARGUMENTS]
unsigned int dataCount

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Maximum supported number of OSC message arguments.

Definition at line 24 of file VuoOscMessage.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ VuoOscMessage

typedef struct _VuoOscMessage * VuoOscMessage

An OSC message.

Function Documentation

◆ VuoOscMessage_free()

void VuoOscMessage_free ( void *  message)

Releases the message's values and frees the message object.

This function may be called from any thread.

Definition at line 35 of file VuoOscMessage.c.

◆ VuoOscMessage_getJson()

struct json_object * VuoOscMessage_getJson ( const VuoOscMessage  value)

Encodes value as a JSON object.

Definition at line 121 of file VuoOscMessage.c.

◆ VuoOscMessage_getString()

char* VuoOscMessage_getString ( const VuoOscMessage  value)

Automatically generated function.

◆ VuoOscMessage_getSummary()

char * VuoOscMessage_getSummary ( const VuoOscMessage  value)

Produces a brief human-readable summary of value.

Definition at line 151 of file VuoOscMessage.c.

◆ VuoOscMessage_make()

VuoOscMessage VuoOscMessage_make ( VuoText  address,
unsigned int  dataCount,
struct json_object **  data,
VuoOscType dataTypes 

Creates an OSC message having the specified address and carrying the specified data. data should be a JSON array, and can contain zero or more values of any type.

The VuoOscMessage takes ownership of the json_objects in data (expected to have json_object retain count 1); the caller should not json_object_put the objects, or modify them after calling this function.

Definition at line 54 of file VuoOscMessage.c.

◆ VuoOscMessage_makeFromJson()

VuoOscMessage VuoOscMessage_makeFromJson ( json_object js)

Decodes the JSON object js to create a new value.

"address" : "/foo",
"data" : [ ... ]

Definition at line 86 of file VuoOscMessage.c.

◆ VuoOscMessage_makeFromString()

VuoOscMessage VuoOscMessage_makeFromString ( const char *  str)

Automatically generated function.

◆ VuoOscMessage_release()

void VuoOscMessage_release ( VuoOscMessage  value)

Automatically generated function.

◆ VuoOscMessage_retain()

void VuoOscMessage_retain ( VuoOscMessage  value)

Automatically generated function.